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Pain management is a crucial issue for many people from all walks of life. The reality is that significant portion of the population in the United States, and the world over, is afflicted with chronic pain

More often than not, the pain management regimen prescribed at Affordable Physical Therapy Alexandria involves taking medications. With that said, other alternatives do exist. Chief among these alternatives to medications is physical therapy. The reality is that if you are struggling with chronic, persistent pain that impacts your daily life, physical therapy may be an excellent course of treatment for you.

Common Ailments

Common conditions and ailments that can benefit from pain management through physical therapy include those that impact your musculoskeletal system. Physical therapy oftentimes is recommended to deal with these underlying conditions and ailment in the first instance. These include conditions and injuries to your bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons or a combination of these body elements. Call us here: 

Alexandria Emergency Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is also proven effective at addressing pain arising from conditions or ailments associated with your neuromuscular system. This includes your nerves and those muscles specifically associated with your nerves.
Conditions or ailments connected with your cardiovascular system that cause pain or even discomfort may also benefit from physical therapy. This system includes your heart and blood vessels. Conditions causing pain and connected to your pulmonary system may also benefit from physical therapy. This includes your lungs and your ability to breath efficiently.

Wounds, Burns, Skin

Wounds and injuries to your skin can be painful on a persistent basis. Once again, physical therapy many times can play a role in addressing these issues. Burns are said to be among the most painful of all types of injuries. Certain types of physical therapy have been demonstrated effective at reducing the level of pain associated with even more serious burns. Contact us at : 

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Misconceptions About Physical Therapy

You may be like many people and find yourself somewhat surprised that physical therapy can be useful in pain management. Part of that surprise probably stems from the fact that you do not fully appreciate all that is offered through physical therapy. You are not alone in that regard.
While it is true that a physical therapist utilizes exercise, movement and manual intervention as part of the overall therapeutic process, a physical therapist also utilizes tools like electrical stimulation. This is proving particularly useful in pain management here at 

Alexandria Emergency Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can also involve modalities that include the application of heat and cold to problematic areas. In some cases, a physical therapist will utilize a variety of tools, treatments and techniques in the treatment of a patient with an acute or a chronic pain issue.
A physical therapy regimen directed at pain issues will also include an education component. As a patient, you learn what techniques you can consider utilizing as a means of addressing pain issues. A determination of what will be utilized as part of a treatment regimen is made on a case by case basis. See us for physical therapy estimates Alexandria.

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